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Plum Island

August 15, 2014
As a bay state gal, I am grateful for living close to the ocean. To me, summer isn’t complete without hitting the beach at least once. Though I am not able to go as frequently as I did back in high school, I always treasure the sparse days I get to sunbath, swim, read, and gossip with my friends by the shore. For the past couple of years now, my favorite summer tradition has been visiting Plum Island with my girlfriends. Plum Island is an eleven mile long island located off the northeast coast of Massachusetts, just north of Cape Ann. With its gentle cool waves, majestic fiery sunsets, and small number of beach goers, it is no surprise Plum Island is a place I dream about all year long. 
Plum Island is the most relaxing beach I have ever been to. I feel at home here. Unlike other places, at Plum Island you never have to deal with obnoxious music blaring from other people’s radios, worry about balls being thrown in your direction, or see the beach resemble a landfill due to an abundance of disregarded trash. In all of the times I have been to Plum Island Beach, the maximum amount of groups I have seen has been four! And amongst those people, there is usually a photographer snapping pictures of an engaged couple and birdwatchers cradling binoculars. Located on Plum Island is the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, a 4,662-acre sanctuary that provides a feeding, resting, and nesting habitat for more than three hundred migratory birds. 
Just across from Plum Island Beach is Bob Lobster’s, which serves golden-fried seafood, award-winning lobster rolls, homemade crab cakes and chowders, and creamy ice cream. Before going to the beach, my girlfriends and I treat ourselves to some ice cream and then indulge in some drool-worthy seafood before heading home. There is an old deserted, rickety fisherman’s shack right over the bridge from Bob’s Lobster and my girlfriends and I like to say that it is haunted. From Bob’s Lobster, we’ve seen a light flickering in the shack but whenever we’ve driven up to it the light is gone. We have a theory that what we’re seeing is the ghost of the fisherman walking around his shack with his lantern. 

Summers in the Northeast provides scores of unforgettable places to see and Plum Island is no doubt one of its gems. This destination is so gorgeous and fun-packed you will find yourself pressing one visit into your memory like a flower between the pages of a book.

Bob's Lobster
49 Plum Island Tpke
Newbury, Massachusetts 01951

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge
6 Plum Island Tpke
Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950

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