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Fire + Ice

August 1, 2014 


The hardest part about going out to eat with a group of people is agreeing on where to dine. Whenever I’m hanging with my friends, one friend will always crave a certain genre of food, take hamburgers, while I will prefer something completely different, like pizza. Luckily, there is a restaurant in Massachusetts’ lively capital called Fire + Ice that is sure to please the most indecisive eater.

Fire + Ice is an improvisational grill that offers a fun and inventive get together for families, friends, and co-workers. How Fire + Ice runs is you grab a bowl and fill it with the ingredients you like from their market. Regardless of your dietary needs (gluten free, vegan, pescetarian, or carnivore), there is something delicious for everyone! Fire + Ice offers Latin, American, Asian and Italian food, so my friend from earlier could chow down on a burger while I devour a pizza. The second step is choosing your sauce at the sauce bar. Their flavors range from fresh herbs to infused oils to spices. The third and final step in the Fire + Ice process is bringing your bowl to the chefs who cook around the world’s largest Mongolian grill. This restaurant is all-you-can-eat so you can repeat the steps as often as you’d like. 



The Fire + Ice I went to Monday night is located in Boston’s Back Bay, but there is another one in the heart of Cambridge’s Harvard Square. The only difference between the two restaurants is the one in Boston is located on the second floor while the one in Cambridge lies underground. The décor of Fire + Ice is as unique as their dining experience. To its many customers, Fire + Ice reminds them of something Dr. Seuss would have concocted. If the chefs and the endless food combinations didn’t excite you enough, this eatery also has nights reserved for college discount, trivia, karaoke, west coast swing, and Brazilian dancing! 

my food

Fire + Ice is unlike any other restaurant because no two people create the same dish. This place has what you want, the way you want it! 

Fire + Ice (Boston)
205 Berkeley Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Fire + Ice (Cambridge)
50 Church Street 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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