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Concord Museum

August 22, 2014 

concord museum
Since I have started this blog thirteen weeks ago, I feel I have grown to know Concord, Massachusetts as well as I know myself. In case any of you are new to my site, this post about the Concord Museum marks my fourth communique on the historic New England town. 

Located on the same street as Orchard House, Lexington Road, the Concord Museum is a group of connecting brick houses that contain some of the oldest American remnants. From the Revolutionary War, the museum has muskets, rifles, cannons and the lantern from the Old North Church that Paul Revere carried on his famed ride! Additionally, the museum houses Native American stone tools, Puritan household goods, furniture displays from the 1800’s, the largest collection of Henry David Thoreau possessions (there are over two hundred and fifty items, including the bed, desk, and chair where Thoreau wrote Walden and “Civil Disobedience”), and a recreation of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s study. In the last room of the museum is the exhibition gallery.

Since April 18, the museum’s exhibition has been The Shot Heard Round the World: April 19, 1775. This special exhibition will be at the museum until September 21, and it features a chronological and geographical timeline from that monumental day. "Though a great deal has been written about April 19th, it is still the case that some details of the action that day are found only in the surviving artifacts. We hope not just to assemble these relics, but also to reexamine them for the evidence they may contain about the events of that day” remarks David F. Wood, curator of the Concord Museum.*

So if you’re ever in the area and don’t have much time to kill, I would highly encourage you all to check out the Concord Museum. This place seriously delivers what it promises on its website: The Concord Museum is the gateway into Concord and its continuing influence on American political, literary, and cultural life.  


Concord Museum
200 Lexington Road
Concord, Massachusetts 01742

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