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Breakheart Reservation

May 23, 2014 

For all who know it, Route One in Saugus, Massachusetts is hands down the most chaotic place to drive. Day in and day out, this controlled access highway is constantly congested with cars racing to the restaurants and flashy shopping districts that align it. With a portion of this Middlesex town snarled in one of the biggest US highways, it is easy for outsiders to infer Saugus doesn't get much peace and quiet. But just a short distance from the nightmarish thoroughfare lies Breakheart Reservation, one of the jewels of the Massachusetts Department of Conversation and Recreation.

Located in the towns of Saugus and Wakefield and comprised of 640-acres, Breakheart Reservation houses two freshwater lakes, a meandering region of the Saugus River, and seven rocky hills that provide overlooks of Boston, Southern New Hampshire, and Central Massachusetts! During the Civil War, the state park was called Camp Breakheart Hill after the local soldiers who found the habitat dismal and isolating when they were training. Today, Breakheart is the complete opposite of a solitude! What's awesome about this reservation is it's really a place for anybody. Not only will hikers, bird watchers, skiers, and fishers find solace here, but it's also a great attraction for families, dog-owners, and students. Breakheart hosts family movie nights, has an exclusive dog retreat called Bark Place, and produces educational programs about shorebirds, sea turtles, sea shell animals, and environmental ethics.

With summer swiftly approaching, I would recommend hitting up its two beaches, Lake Silver and Lake Pearce. During my walk through the reservation on Wednesday afternoon, my friend Christen and I took a break at Lake Pearce and dipped our feet in the lukewarm water. Christen, who's been a resident of Saugus for the past six years, had no idea Breakheart has a beach! Born and raised in Revere, Massachusetts, Christen couldn't help but comment how much Lake Pearce contrasted from the garish Revere Beach in her hometown.

The lifeguard stand may have been vacant Wednesday, but this long weekend it won’t be! There were all but two college-aged girlfriends lounging there that afternoon.

This duck was certainly less pestering then the sea gulls you deal with at real beaches. 

I swam through Silver Lake four years ago when my friend, Liz, celebrated her birthday at Breakheart. We had to take a long, windy path to get there but once we arrived it was well worth the navigation. There wasn’t a single person in sight besides my friends and I. Being out there on that blissful lake made me feel like I was on a privately owned island!

I like to think of Breakheart as being Saugus’ Room of Requirements. On the outskirts is the hustle and bustle of life, but once inside, the state park is without question the best escapism in the county! I think the best part about Breakheart is there are so many trails to wander through that each visit presents a whole new experience!

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