Sunday, December 20, 2015

Marblehead Rail Trail

Look hard enough and you’ll find a serene escape buried behind Salem, Massachusetts’ bewitching downtown and its' ever-expanding university- the Marblehead Rail Trail- a 4.1 mile trail that connects Marblehead, Salem, and Swampscott.  

The first time  I ever walked the Marblehead Rail Trail was back in August, which was the first time my boyfriend and I hung out together Stateside. I met my boyfriend on the Germany trip I went on with my college back in July, and we spent hours along the Marblehead Rail Trail talking about anything under the sun. 

I am a senior at Salem State University, and every year I make it a goal to find new things to love about Salem because I've had moments during my fours years where I have taken my historically rich and cultural city for granted. It is that reason I started my blog last year-to prevent myself from falling out of love with my home. I never want to forget the hidden gems that are around me even though I've now been to Europe.

For my boyfriend and I, going new places is one of the ways we keep the spark alive. We both love the outdoors, and in particular, being by the water. We like to describe our relationship as being aquatic as many of the first milestones in our relationship have taken place by the water; the first time we hung out in Germany was when we went swimming in Munich's Isar River, the first time we kissed was by the Boston Harbor after we went on a Duck Tour, and he asked me to be his girlfriend after a day spent on Plum Island (read my blog about Plum Island here: 

The Marblehead Rail Trail not only provides views of the Atlantic, but it is also one of those secret places along the North Shore just waiting to be unearthed by you and a person you wish to be close to. 


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