Thursday, December 24, 2015

Red Rocks Park

On the weekend of December 4th-6th, my boyfriend and I went to Burlington, Vermont. We were up there to help his parents cut down Christmas trees and to recharge with some countryside calm before we had to endure the toughest week of the semester, finals. His mom had been insisting since our first visit together that we walk around Red Rocks Park, so on the morning of December 5th we bundled up in our chunky knits to spear an hour for a wintery stroll.

Red Rocks is a 100-acre community park with 2.5 miles worth of hiking trails, vistas of Lake Champlain (the sixth largest lake in the US), a picnic area, and a public beach. 

We almost studied instead, but seductive whispers of procrastination urged us to explore Red Rocks. I couldn't be happier we went though the rest of the day was packed with activities because retiring to the outdoors with my boyfriend has been my anecdote for this semester's woes. I felt sad leaving Vermont on Sunday, but singing along to the Beatles, my all-time favorite band, on the ride home helped. When the sweet opening chords to "Two Of Us" came on, my mind wandered back to Red Rocks. Paul McCartney wrote the song in 1969 about the retreats he and his future wife, Linda, took to the countryside. Though I don't know when I will return to Vermont, I know my boyfriend and I will one day share enough memories there to stretch the road that lies out ahead. 


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