Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Coffee Time Bake Shop

Yesterday, it snowed for the fist time this winter. Though it is normal in most places for snow to fall in December, it was especially surreal to see it happen Tuesday as four days earlier on Christmas it was 65 degrees! It was that slushy, wet  kind of snow that qualifies the shoveling I did that day as a workout. I was in Salem that morning, but before I drove home, I went to Coffee Time Bake Shop to enjoy my favorite meal of the day. 

I'm one of those people who gets mushy on New Year's Eve because it means I have to wait another year for Christmas so appreciated all of Coffee Time's decorations, especially these frosted, gummed dropped gingerbread houses.  
I ordered egg and cheese on a croissant after hearing they make the best croissants.
My iced green tea. 

 Coffee Time uses only the finest ingredients and time-tested recipes in their muffins, hand-cut donuts, bagels, scones, bismarks, cannolis, eclairs, tiramisu, and cakes. Their coffees are just rich as they are strictly brewed from Swiss water processed Columbian beans. 

Another thing to love is it's a family owned and operated bake shop that has been serving the North Shore for over thirty years. You can feel that sense of community and endearment in the way the employees take customers' requests and thru the holiday cards they receive, which were displayed on their counter. Though I have no knowledge as to what the winter of 2016 will bring (living in New England means expect the unexpected in terms of weather), I know that I can rely on Coffee Time to keep me satisfied. This eatery not only leaves every customer happy and satisfied, but it is also "open late." 

Happy New Year's Eve, Everyone! 

Coffee Time Bake Shop 
96 Bridge Street 
Salem, MA 01970 

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