Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, lovely readers! 

January started with a walk through Red Rocks with my boyfriend, his mother, and friends. You can read my first blog post about Red Rocks here:

What made this recent passage through Red Rocks different than the one I took back in early December was the blanket of snow. It was fun watching  groups of kids and my boyfriend and his friends throw snowballs at one another; you're never too old for that! 

My boyfriend's mom told me that January 1st was the first day since Christmas there wasn't a cloudy overcast burying Red Rocks and when she said that I couldn't help but smile and think of that as some kind of metaphor for the new year.

Though I am excited for it, 2016 will probably be the most unpredictable and anxious year of my life since I am graduating from college in May. It's important to accept the true realities when I'm on deck for a major lifestyle change, but it's also a necessity I stay hopeful everything will work out on its own just as the murk eventually broke its' spell, unveiling sunshine that looked like heaven had aligned it.

It's easy this time of the year for our heads to get misty, but if you ever need a prescription for a clear head, I'd suggest going on walk with some good company. Also, snowball fights aren't a bad idea either. 

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