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Bagel World

October 1, 2014 
Bagel World
As my roommate and I crossed our college's parking lot to head to Bagel World, the aroma of Onion and Everything bagels being made enticed us pick up our pace. Although Bagel World is located on Canal Street in Salem, next to a Dunkin Donuts, one of our country’s biggest breakfast chains, it is undeniable from the outside that Bagel World is the real place the North Shore runs on. The parking lot was full, there was a line snaking outside the door, and a loop of cars wrapped around the building for the drive thru. Although it was ten thirty in the morning and the air was crisp and golden as an apple, good reasons to leave the house for breakfast, this is how Bagel World looks every day of the week, regardless of time or weather! 

In addition to its Salem store, there is a Bagel World in Reading on Main Street and two in Peabody, one on Newbury Street and the other on Sylvan Street. Bagel World is the proud winners of the 'The Top 40 of the North Shore' and 'The Best of the North Shore' awards. With twenty sweet and savoring options, from Bagel Energy Bar to Wildberry to Cinnamon Raisin, there is a bagel for everyone at Bagel World! Not only are their bagels delectable and appetizing, but affordable too, with a single bagel costing $0.84. Every bagel is served fresh and hot, and with all natural ingredients high in fiber, fat-free, and cholesterol free. 

When my roommate and I arrived, we had to wait outside for five minutes because the line was out the door. Even though we ultimately waited thirty minutes for our bagels (mines’ Chocolate Chip with homemade cream cheese and hers’ Plain with Nutella), the line is well worth the wait. After twenty minutes waiting in line, my roommate and I finally made it to the front of line where you can see their male employees bake the bagels. The bagels are baked in an area behind the bagel case and the counter where the female employees take and prepare your order. There is a large baker’s oven in the back of the store and the male employees use large mixers to mix the dough. Bagel World use the traditional method of making by using the kettle method, where you boil the prepared dough to bake the bagel’s smooth crust. The service is a bit slow, but it is understandable when you consider the amount of people that go through their door in a day. Even though Bagel World was crowded and the line out the door was nowhere near to ending by the time my roommate and I got our food, we were still able to find table at one of the seven tables that’s in Bagel World’s seating area. In fact, every time I’ve gone to Bagel World I never had to wait for a table because most people are there for take out. You can always tell who is there strictly for pick-up based by their sweatpants, sweatshirts, and UGGs. 

Bagel World operates on Mondays to Fridays from 6 AM- 3:30 PM, Saturdays 6 AM to 3PM, and on Sundays from 6 AM to 2PM. Although Bagel World doesn’t provide the friendly, homey feeling of everybody-knows-everyone (unless you’re going to Salem State, you’ll see a fellow student there) most dinners or breakfast place exude, Bagel World’s high quality, delicious homemade bagels will have you visiting there often. Skip Dunkin’s next door- run to Bagel World! 

203 Canal Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970

10 Sylvan Street
Peabody, Massachusetts 01960 

246 Newbury Street 
Route 1 South
Peabody, Massachusetts 01960

323 Main Street 
Reading, Massachusetts 01867

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