Monday, December 21, 2015

The Blue Stone

On my boyfriend and I's first road trip to upstate Vermont, it was a long weekend, and because of that it took us twice as long to get to the Green Mountain state than it normally would. We were on our fifth hour of driving when we arrived in the town of Waterbury. Our bodies were so tired and our stomachs empty, we didn't even check out the reviews of the restaurant we went into, the Blue Stone. In today's world, it's a rarity for millennials to put their money towards anything without probing the internet for its' ratings, but my boyfriend and I were merely looking for a place to eat before we had to hit the road for a final hour. So how was this restaurant you ask? Well, I'll tell you; the Blue Stone offered up some of the best comfort food my boyfriend and I ever had, and since that first trip, we have  made it a tradition to eat there at least once while we are north visiting my boyfriend's family! 

The Blue Stone is a rustic pizza shop and tavern. This restaurant received its' name after a well stone that was located in a 1770's farm house in Rutland, Vermont, which is an hour and a half away from Waterbury. Today, that stone makes up one of the tables in the eatery. Photograph courtesy of the Blue Stone's Facebook. 

Something that the Blue Stone knows how to concoct is appetizers. My boyfriend and I
love munching on their Barn Board-pickled veggies, roasted garlic humus and the best golden, crispy flatbread chips I have ever tasted. 

Of course the best beverage to drink with pizza is beer! The Blue Stone has nine  draft beers from Vermont, six from the northeast, and four from California. My boyfriend, whose favorite pastime is brewery crawling, ordered Focal Banger, which is an IPA style beer brewed by the Alchemist brewery in Waterbury.

"I have always really liked Heady Topper: the cult classic double IPA by the Alchemist brewery in Waterbury, Vermont. As a result I love Focal Banger, there single IPA! It's just as smooth as Topper, and it has the same distinct hop forward profile only the Alchemist can capture" ~My boyfriend. 

The pizza we ordered was the Bio Dome- basil pesto, mozzarella, spinach, roasted tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, and artichoke hearts. The Blue Stone's dough, bread and sauce are made by hand every day. 

What will make future trips to the Blue Stone exciting for my boyfriend and I is that their menu will change each season to accommodate for "whatever's fresh, local and in season to create new farm-inspired variations on what pizza used to be." Though I have only eaten at the Blue Stone during the fall, I know I will devour whatever comes out of their ovens any season because their motto is-"changing the world one slice at a time." 

Happy Winter, Everyone! 

The Blue Stone 
15 Stowe Street
Waterbury, VT 05676


The Alchemist Brewery 
35 Crossroad Road 
Waterbury, VT 05676 

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