Sunday, March 1, 2015

Parker's Maple Barn

Because my dad is an excellent cook and breakfast is my family’s favorite meal, the only place we go to for breakfast is Parker’s Maple Barn. Parker’s Maple Barn is a family establishment located in the quaint country town of Mason, New Hampshire, a town historically known as the boyhood home of “Uncle Sam” and illustrator/writer of children’s books, Elizabeth Orton Jones. 

The building Parker's now occupies was built 1782 and was the home of an early American family called “The Laurels”. In the 1930s, the place was purchased by William Buzzell who operated it as a dairy farm until the 1950s when the Parkers family bought it to serve as their home. When the barn got passed down to Ray Parker and his brother in 1969, they decided to reconstruct the beloved place into a family establishment. It began as being nothing more than a small Sugar House, but since 1987 Parker`s Maple Barn has become well-known throughout New England for their famous hearty breakfast and lunch. 
The most popular order on the menu is, The "Parker`s Special"- which consists of two eggs, two pancakes (or one French Toast), two bacon, two sausages and ham (or ham hash), home fries, and toast. My dad orders that, and since I didn’t have the stomach to wolf down that much I ask for the “Mini Parker Special”, which is the exact same order only you get one of everything instead of two. My parents and I all ordered their Pumpkin Pancakes, which are the size of an average plate, because you can’t go to Parker’s without having their maple syrup. Parker’s makes their maple syrup from the surrounding trees the old fashioned way by using wood fire. Their Sugar House is in full operation from March until mid-April every year. During the sugar season, the wait can be a half an hour  so I’d recommend touring the Sugar House or checking out the Corn Crib Gift Shop, which sells maple products and Native American arts, crafts, clothing and jewelry. 

      From when my family and I went in December. 

You might think my family is crazy because our drive to Parker’s takes us an hour, but going to Parker’s is only a yearly or bi-yearly treat for us. Another thing that makes Parkers exceptional is the experience. Parker’s is located in the middle of a winding country road, far from crowded and noisy neighborhoods. In fact, Parker’s is so isolated that most people find it by accident when they are out looking at foliage. The interior is charming as well with its high ceilings, wood burning stoves (the barn’s only source of heat), and old farming tools and touristy knick-knacks adorning the walls. Amazing food and a serene atmosphere, what’s not enchanting about going to Parker’s? 

1316 Brookline Road
Mason, NH 03048
(603) 878-2308


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